What does Audiopi do?

This project had big dreams. Audiopi was planned and designed with pure ease of use in mind for 3 target demographics: GCSE & A-Level students, teachers and school administrators…while keeping the experience consistent across each of the projects goals.

Goal 1:

Deliver audio tutorials to GCSE & A-Level students that are accessible, while allowing the management of personally licensed and school ‘assigned’ tutorials.

Goal 2:

Allow teachers to set up and manage learning environments based on general subjects or individually curated classes. Each group of students would also feature a (teacher) managed chat system.

Goal 3:

Allow multiple paths to buying licences for school administrators based on all tutorials within a course, subject or exam board. This included payment via invoicing, immediate payment via payment gateways and subscription plans.

The site may have changed since it was first created, but you can still see it here:
My role in putting it together
It took a very talented team to put a this site together; visual designers, front end HTML & CSS ninjas and back end coding gurus. But for my role in planning everything they will need to know about the project, I wear many hats:

& Ideation

Gathering requirements, target users and thinking of the best approaches for the business needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing the features and information users will need, both on the screen and elements behind the scenes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Showing the initial layout, content structure and how a user will navigate through the site.

Project Management & Documentation

Managing the clients wants vs needs and documenting the features of the website for designers, coders & developers.

At every stage of planning

Thought about & planned

Audiopi - prototype screens

LMS for students

The site was a based on a complete audio learning management system (LMS) aimed at GCSE & A Level

Multiple licence systems

Students, Teachers and School boards each licence audio tutorials in different ways with varying levels of access

Complex user journeys

Paths were planned for GCSE students, A Level students, Teachers, School boards and Content publishers

Audio publishing system

Content creators could record, upload, edit and publish audio clips through the websites admin system

Ad-hoc content widgets

A set of new content widgets was designed and styled to allow flexible content and brand consistency

Group learning environment

The site featured a group environment that allowed multiple students and teachers to interact and record lessons

What the client says

Getting all the features for this site just right seemed challenging at first, but Andy managed to plan out a lot and guide us in the right direction were we needed it. We are asking a lot from the site and anything that didn't fit into the budget this time was planned into future phases. We can see the site evolving constantly as time goes on and I hope we can continue to build the brand and features as we have done so far.




Johnathan Piggins
Audiopi, Director

A better experience for users

The end of our planning showed users able to get to the tutorials, features or information they needed and ultimatly greater buy-in to a newer concept at all levels of education