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What does Beresfords do?

Beresfords are Essex’s largest family owned independent estate agency and have been operating for over 45 years. The website award winning website had to be planned not just responsively, but with innovation and a wide target demographic in mind.

Goal 1:

Deliver an exceptional and innovative user experience that would rival the major property portals as well as local competitors.

Goal 2:

Use the website to showcase multiple services that Beresfords provides. This also meant that each department within the company should seem to have a relatively equal presence on the site.

Goal 3:

Allow intuitive paths for users to get to any of Beresfords services and ultimately, allow a company representative to contact the user to help close sales.

The site may have changed since it was first created, but you can still see it here:
My role in putting it together
It took a very talented team to put a this site together; visual designers, front end HTML & CSS ninjas and back end coding gurus. But for my role in planning everything they will need to know about the project, I wear many hats:

& Ideation

Gathering requirements, target users and thinking of the best approaches for the business needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing the features and information users will need, both on the screen and elements behind the scenes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Showing the initial layout, content structure and how a user will navigate through the site.

Project Management & Documentation

Managing the clients wants vs needs and documenting the features of the website for designers, coders & developers.

At every stage of planning

Thought about & planned

Audiopi - prototype screens

Innovative card system

The swipable property card system was designed from the ground up for Beresfords user’s most common actions

Search and refine

Quick search, search cards and intuative result refining means users get the the information they need much quicker

Contact anyone

Even the contact us section was re-designed for users to contact the right services in over 20 offices across Essex

A system of sytems

There are a lot of intergrations that make large estate agents work. Each of these was planned carfully into the structure.

Ad-hoc content widgets

A set of new content widgets was designed and styled to allow flexible content and brand consistency

Legacy and Accounts

The new features of the site were shaped to work hand-in-hand with a large existing base of user accounts

What the client says

The new site is excellent. Customers have been raving about the new look. I thought we'd struggle to get all the infromation from the old site to work, but the new layouts even work with all the service intergrations. We actually have people saying they would rather use our site than the big property portals.


Graeme Nicholson 
Beresfords, Marketing and Communications

A better experience for users

After the re-launch of the all new responsive Beresfords, analytics showed conversions through the site up by 11% after just 2 months of being live and has been steadily climbing