Gallop Guru

What does Gallop Guru do?

This was a quirky and very stylish project. Gallop Guru is a classic ecommerce site with a very specialized market. It combined kitsch products with hi-end service while all the time making sure that it’s extra custom services have the greatest ease of use possible.

Goal 1:

We wanted intuitive paths for users to easily navigate through the product listings and categories while have as few barriers to buying as possible.

Goal 2:

We wanted to keep strong art direction and design focus throughout the whole user experience to make this website more than just another ecommerce shop.

Goal 3:

We needed minimal time from receiving new goods-in to listing on the website. Our task was to deliver a well architected and easy to use back-end CMS allowing any non-technical admins list products quickly and efficiently. 

The site may have changed since it was first created, but you can still see it here:
My role in putting it together
It took a very talented team to put a this site together; visual designers, front end HTML & CSS ninjas and back end coding gurus. But for my role in planning everything they will need to know about the project, I wear many hats:

& Ideation

Gathering requirements, target users and thinking of the best approaches for the business needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing the features and information users will need, both on the screen and elements behind the scenes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Showing the initial layout, content structure and how a user will navigate through the site.

Project Management & Documentation

Managing the clients wants vs needs and documenting the features of the website for designers, coders & developers.

At every stage of planning

Thought about & planned

Audiopi - prototype screens

Every eCommerce option

The site featured every eCommerce option we could think of and was all built from the ground up

Custom Signup / Login

This site introduced a new login/register system that meant less information entered and mental work for the user 

Ad-hoc content widgets

A set of new content widgets was designed and styled to allow flexible content and brand consistency

What the client says

We had to get the look and feel right from the start and Andy was a huge help in getting things off the ground. We went overed 'style tiles' and several really amazing designs before we landed on this one and I really couldn't be any happier with the result.


Heather Dardis
Gallop Guru, Director

A better experience for users

Since launching the site, Gallop Guru has had a great deal of compliments from users on it’s clean design & usability and has even become one of the leading equestrian gift shops online.