Mogo Direct

What does Mogo Direct do?

Mogo Direct needed to update their site so they would not be penalized in the mobile search results. They supply mass seating to wide variety of venues including leisure centers, schools, Church’s and offices … and need to be found easily in the search engines. The challenge with this project was the sheer scale and flexibility of any given product… particularly in making their bespoke pricing system work intuitively at mobile sizes.

Goal 1:

Above all else, make the site SEO friendly and responsive for search engines.

Goal 2:

Deliver an intuitive experience for users and provide a framework for Mogo Direct to re-structure their products into a unified pricing/categorization system.

Goal 3:

Allow customers to both buy directly and get a quote for specialized or mass orders.

The site may have changed since it was first created, but you can still see it here:
My role in putting it together
It took a very talented team to put a this site together; visual designers, front end HTML & CSS ninjas and back end coding gurus. But for my role in planning everything they will need to know about the project, I wear many hats:

& Ideation

Gathering requirements, target users and thinking of the best approaches for the business needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing the features and information users will need, both on the screen and elements behind the scenes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Showing the initial layout, content structure and how a user will navigate through the site.

Project Management & Documentation

Managing the clients wants vs needs and documenting the features of the website for designers, coders & developers.

At every stage of planning

Thought about & planned

Audiopi - prototype screens

eCommerce and then some

At the very heart of site  was a fully featured eCommerce system with bulk pricing, variants, addons and everything else we could think of

Quoting system

This allowed the user to override any minimum/required values for products allowing Mogo Direct to contact the user directly

CMS product managment

The CMS needed to be designed as much as the website in order that Mogo Direct could easily enter and change some very complex product

What the client says

It was tough, but we managed to somehow fit all of our products into the new website... with a little help. We're doing quite well on google. The advantage here is that our competetors were not ready for the mobile friendly serach engine updates. Ultimatly, it's clean design and usability at mobile have given us an edge over them. Much thanks to Andy and the team.


Darren Parkes

Mogo Driect, Director

A better experience for users

The site launched without a hitch and has seen the site grow as more and more traffic has been driven to the site though search engines. All of this has lead to much happier customers which has lead to a much happier client.