What does WheelFreedom do?

Wheelfreedom is one of the UK’s leading wheelchair and powerchair mobility specialists. Over the years they have put together a very flexible pricing structure that needed a (very) custom hire website and back end system.

Goal 1:

Present a streamlined and approachable version of the wheelchair hiring structure to an existing and older target audience.

Goal 2:

Structure an online software solution to be built from the ground up allowing the admin staff to easily hire out, adjust and arrange delivery/pickup of wheelchairs.

Goal 3:

Show that WheelFreedom are experts in mobility solutions throughout the site. 

The site may have changed since it was first created, but you can still see it here:
My role in putting it together
It took a very talented team to put a this site together; visual designers, front end HTML & CSS ninjas and back end coding gurus. But for my role in planning everything they will need to know about the project, I wear many hats:

& Ideation

Gathering requirements, target users and thinking of the best approaches for the business needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing the features and information users will need, both on the screen and elements behind the scenes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Showing the initial layout, content structure and how a user will navigate through the site.

Project Management & Documentation

Managing the clients wants vs needs and documenting the features of the website for designers, coders & developers.

At every stage of planning

Thought about & planned

Audiopi - prototype screens

Intricate product variants

Products & addons had so much variation, a brand new structure & filter system was plannined into the site

Multiple hire types

Users needs were so diverce, paths were planned for various personas and hiring options for their needs  

Information & specialists

Helpful hints and information were planned throughout the site as well as the information center to help user understand the products

Custom software back-end

The equipment and order tracking systems were completly redeigned to allow staff to more efficintly manage the business

Physical product tracking

Admin staff needed a completly new system planned for the collection and deliveries by their team and couriers 

Ad-hoc content widgets

A set of new content widgets was designed and styled to allow flexible content and brand consistency

What the client says

Our customers love the new site and our team are really getting on well with the new portal. We managed to take a series of systems that we had hacked to 'make it work' from the last 12 years and streamlined it into a single scalable product. I couldn't be happier


Chris Sedgwick

Wheel Freedom, Technical Director

A better experience for everyone

When the project launched, the feedback was overwhelming. Customers loved the new look and feel of the site and found it easier to understand. Admin staff were able to cut down the amount of time spent processing orders thanks to the new streamlined portal software.