UX Disciplines … which flavor of UX?

There are a lot of ways to define someone who works in UX. Here are some of the ways I define that and an overview of my expertise.


Interaction Design

Focuses on the elements of a screen and how a user interacts with those elements to manipulate the website or application

  • Just amazing 85%

Information Architecture

Centers around the organization of information, both parts that a user sees on the screen and elements that are organized behind the scenes

  • Just amazing 90%

Visual Design

Focuses on the creation of attractive designs through the use of color, imagery, space, and typography 

  • Pretty good 70%

Information Design

Includes the construction of web content along with any associated visualizations that are used to provide better meaning for the content

  • Some experience 50%

Technical Communication

When the content is very technical, but needs to be explained to be understood appropriately by users and team members

  • Just amazing 95%

Service Design

Focuses on the design of the entirety of the customer experience, looking at all interactions that a customer has with the company

  • Some experience 45%


User Research

Find out more about users and their usage of products

  • Just amazing 95%


Making sure products are usable by anyone, regardless of any kind of disability

  • Some experience 45%

Human Factors

How physical products are used in light of human capabilities

  • I get by 35%


Assuring that the intended audience can use products both easily and safely

  • I get by 35%


UX Strategy

Aligns business goals to the use of products so that the user exprience ultimatly meets what the company set out to do

  • Just amazing 90%

Content Strategy

Makes sure that content and its message are consistent across products and meet the needs of intended audience groups

  • I get by 35%

Customer Experience (CX)

Works to improve the experience of those who interact with the company and often towards improvement of the bottom line as well

  • Pretty good 75%